Your New Career as a Dental Assistant Starts HERE!

Dental Assisting is Our Passion and We Want to Share that Passion with You!

We love what we do and we are excited to share it with you! Our goal is to train you be ready for your new career in the dental field. Our finely-tuned courses are designed to put you to work as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of your learning experience and level of expertise.

Train hands-on beside our dentist, working dental assistants and instructors, both with patients in the dental office and right next door in our specially designed school. This type of "on the job" training will give you the confidence and critical skills needed to succeed- Making you a valuable asset to any dental office and the kind of professional every dentist will want to hire! 

What Intermountain Dental Assisting Offers You:

Our School: Our school was designed to be just like a dental office. It has state of the art equipment and is completely fully functioning. The difference is that is was designed to exclusively train YOU.  This enables us go beyond the classroom and basic hands-on training.

Hands-On Training:  Along with our school, you will work beside the dentist in a real working practice and with patients for an "on the job" training experience. 

Our courses don't stop at a lecture; everything you learn in class is put into action immediately- training you to be one of the most desirable dental assistants on the market!

Intermountain Dental Assisting has partnered with Hillfield Pediatric and Family Dentistry, one of the largest producing dental offices in Davis county. This will give you exposure to almost every dental specialty there is such as including, orthodontics, endodontics, pediatric and general dentistry. This experience will then give you more choices for employment.

  Versatile Class Schedules: Dental Assisting is only 10 hours a week, class and clinical training, allowing you to continue to work while attending school! Dental Office Administrator (front office receptionist) is even less time each week! 

Small Class Sizes: Only 6-8 students per class. Guided One-on-One Instruction each week of your course. 

Lending Library: Our books, materials, instruments, etc are available to NO extra cost to you!

Career Assistance:  We help you create a personal resume highlighting your individual skills and prepare you by teaching interviewing skills, body language, appearance and communication techniques. In addition, we ensure that you know what jobs are available in your target area and we help promote you to the offices of your choice.

Affordable Tuition: We offer several payment options, some without interest or finance charges!

Everything is Included in All Our Courses:

Our Dental Assisting Course includes hands-on training in all aspects of Chair-side Dental Assisting including but not limited to; Coronal polish, Dental sealants, Placing rubber dams, Matrix systems, Packing cord,  Manufacturing bleach trays, Dental software training. There is No Limit to the materials because we want you to practice as much as you want!

*All textbooks, supplies, materials are included in your tuition; as well as a scrub uniform and *teeth whitening trays and material for you.